Despre noi

SORTILEMN SA was established in 1961, as an integrated plant with the mission of supplying the furniture factories from the surrounding area with raw material (veneer, plywood, chipboard).

In the beginning of the 1970’s a unit of production for solid wood furniture was established, followed in the beginning of the 1980’s of the opening of the form pressed elements unit.

From 1983 a match factory was added to the company

In 1991 the company was first privatized, with the Romanian state remaning as majority shareholder, the company keeping the same production lines, with the exception of the matches production unit that was sold off in the same year.

In 1999 the company was bought from the Romanian state by our current owners, which have decided to focus on the production of furniture from layerglued (fromed pressed plywood) combined with solid wood and closing the rest of the production lines.

Since 2007 our own saw mill was established with the mission of supplying our company with the needed solid wood and ensuring the control over the supply chain.

Since 2009, we have added a unit to our own production specialized in small series, opening new possibilities of serving customers with series from 100-1000 pcs, helping expanding our portfolio of customers.

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Misiune – Mission

Misiunea noastra este de a ne diferentia in mediul concurential, dincolo de calitatea produselor si serviciile noastre, prin inovatie continuua, imbunatatatire permanenta a tehnologiilor si cresterea cunostintelor, pentru a creea cele mai bune solutii si conditii pentru clientii nostrii.

Our mission is to create a difference in a competitive environment, beyond the quality of our products and services, by means of continually innovation, continually upgrading our technology and know-how improvement, in order to create the best solutions and conditions for our customers.

Viziune – Vision

Viziunea noastra este de a deveni cea mai competitiva companie in domeniul productiei de mic mobilier, prin eficientizarea productie, modernizarea continuua a tehnologiilor si produse innovative.

Our vision is to be the most competitive company in furniture production field, by means of production efficiency, continuously modernization of the technology and innovative products.

Strategie – Strategy

Urmarim modernizarea continua a tehnologiilor, eficientizarea productiei, cresterea know-how-ului, pentru a creea un mediu de productie cat mai accesibil pentru clientii nostrii. Pastram un contact permanent cu piata si nevoile ei, in scopul identificarii oportunitatilor ce pot fi deservite de ceea ce facem noi. Clientul va fi intodeauna in centrul preocuparilor noastre.

We are looking for continually modernization of our technology, production efficiency and improving of know-how, to create a production environment with better accessibility for our customers. The market and its needs are always in our focus in order to identify the opportunities which would be fit with our competences. The customer will be always the focus of our preoccupations.