Press release – Starting implementation project: “Implementing superior efficiency in wood finishing”


Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania. Project co-financed by Norway Grants.

Project developed with grants from the Norwegian Government Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 through Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania


– Proiect: “Implementing superior efficiency in wood finishing“

– Project co-financed by Norway Grants  



Sortilemn S.A., Gherla, România

Sortilemn S.A.,Romanian legal entity organized and existing under the laws of Romania, headquartered in 7 Clujului street, Gherla City, Cluj County, Romania, telephone no. 004.0264.241.717, fax no. 004.0264.243.148 is implementing the project entitled “Implementing superior efficiency in wood finishing“, project co-financed by „Green Industry Innovation Programme”, according to contract no. MISTE – 2013/108236, with Innovation Norway as programme operator.

For detailed information regarding the programme, please visit:

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