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Project developed with grants from the Norwegian Government Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 through Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania
Proiect: “Greening the process flow for molded elements at Sortilemn

 – Green industry Romania

–  Project: “Greening the process flow for molded elements at Sortilemn



Sortilemn S.A., Gherla, România


Announcement for starting the project implementation


Gherla, 22.06.2015

S.C. Sortilemn S.A., Romanian legal entity organized and existing under the laws of Romania, headquartered in 7 Clujului Street, Postal code 405300, Gherla City, Cluj County, Romania, telephone no. 004.0264.241.717, fax no. 004.0264.243.148, URL registered at the Romanian Trade Register with no. J12/145/1991, identified by Reg. No.: RO 199745, represented by the legal representative, Mr. Ghisa Ludovic, as beneficiary in the programme developed with funds granted by the Norwegian Government under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 in the frame of Green Industry Innovation in Romania, is organising the contract award procedure for the supply of an CNC machine and Spraying robot with UV drying system and control Unit, for the optimization of the company’s furniture processing value chain.

The procurement is organised under the project “Greening the process flow for molded elements at Sortilemn – Green industry Romania”  co-financed through The Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 – Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania, with contract no. MISTE – 2014/113360, with Innovation Norway as programme operator.

1. Contract object: the supply of the following equipments for modernizing the production chain in 2 LOTS:

  • CNC machine
  • Spraying Robot with UV drying system and Control Unit

The bidders may send offers separately for each LOT, which will end up in a purchasing contract for each LOT.

2. Applied procedure: „Request for tenders” in accordance with „Procurement Guidelines for contracts awarded in compliance with best economic practices” issued under the mentioned funding programme.

3. Contract location: Beneficiary’s headquarters from 7 Clujului Street, Gherla city,  Cluj county, Romania, Zip Code 405300

4. Contract typeSupply contract

5. Contract duration: from the contract signing until the completion of the supply process as provided by the contractual terms.

6. Estimated value: 173.790 Euro without VAT

– LOT 1- CNC 335.000 Euro

– LOT 2- Spraying robot  173.790 Euro

8. Award criteria: Most economically advantageous tender –  Evaluation will be done based on the following evaluation factors:

– The tender price for the requested equipment: 40%

– Estimated delivery time for the equipment: 40%

– Warranty, post-warranty and service conditions: 20%

9. Tender submission deadline (date and time): 15.07.2015, 12:00

10. Date and time for tender openings: 15.07.2015, 13:00

11. Tender submission addressBeneficiary’s address, 7 Clujului Street, Gherla city, Cluj county, Romania, Zip Code 405300

12. Language of Tender: The language of the tender is English.

13. Location and manner of obtaining the tender documents: the award documentation (including the electronic format documentation) is available starting from 22.06.2015 at the beneficiary’s location 7 Clujului Street, Gherla city, Cluj County, Romania, Zip Code 405300. Upon your request, the tender documentation can be transmitted electronically as well as by e-mail.

14. For additional information and/or eventual clarifications, starting with 22.06.2015 we stand at your disposal, by: mail notification at the address mentioned above, e-mail at and, telephone at: 004.0264.241.717 or fax at: 004.0264.243.148, the contact person being Mrs. Lazar Alina and Mrs. Maria Dumitrache



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