Press release – Information about launching a Tender procedure – “Reallocation of funds – Implementing superior efficiency in wood finishing”


Project developed with grants from the Norwegian Government Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 through Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania


Funds reallocation:

– Project “Implementing superior efficiency in wood finishing”

– Project co-financed by Norway Grants


Sortilemn S.A., Gherla, România

Information announcement regarding the launch of a procurement procedure

Gherla, 27.12.2015

  1. Sortilemn S.A., with headquarters in Romania, Cluj county, Clujului street no. 7, Gherla, phone number: 004.0264.241.717, fax number: 004.0264.243.148, starting today launches the implementation of the project “Reallocation of funds – Implementing superior efficiency in wood finishing”, project co-financed within the program “Innovation in the Green Industry” according to the financing contract no. no. MISTE – 2013/108236, concluded with Innovation Norway as program operator,
  2. Announces that starting with the first part of the month of January 2016, it will launch a procurement procedure within the above-mentioned project with the following milestones:

Purchasing of object:

  • The pressing machine has in its component a glue spreading installation and a glue mixer
  • The dust extractor (exhaustion) consists of an exhaust workstation and an intermediate grinding workstation as well as the part regarding pipes, ducts and fittings

Estimated value: 154,000 eur

  1. The Terms of Reference, the award documentation as well as the exact rules regarding the procedure will be available starting from the first part of the month of January 2016.
  2. This announcement does not impose any obligation or legal responsibility on Sortilemn SA, its only role being that of prior information so as to ensure potential suppliers the possibility to prepare for the procedure, the data being subject to change.
  3. Additional details can be obtained from:

– Name of contact person: Lazăr Alina

– Function: project manager

– Address: Sortilemn S.A., str. Clujului, no. 7, Gherla, Cluj county

– Tel.: 004.0264.241.717, Fax: 004.0264.243.148, e-mail:


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