Press release – Purchase of air coolers – “Biomass High Efficiency Cogeneration Plant Project”






Purchasing of air coolers (for hot water 95/75)







“High efficiency biomass cogeneration plant” project – Notice of intent




The SC SORTILEMN SA company has requested the co-financing of the project described below through non-reimbursable funds, within the Sectoral Operational Program “Increasing Economic Competitiveness” (SOPIEC) – in which investment projects from the sector can be co-financed from public funds (ERDF and state budget) energy, for the 2008-2013 period. Within this program, 5 priority axes are defined.

The implementation of Axis Priority 4 “Increasing energy efficiency and security of supply in the context of combating climate change” within the SOPIEC rests with the Intermediate Body for Energy (IBE) within the General Directorate of Energy, Oil and Gas of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment (METBM).

Through the address of the Intermediate Body for Energy (IBE) no. 147798 / 30.09.2010, SC SORTILEMN SA received confirmation that the submitted project meets the specific eligibility conditions requested and as a result the applicant can start the works related to the project.

Under these conditions SC SORTILEMN SA publishes the following Notice of Intent.



Sectoral Operational Program Increasing Economic Competitiveness (SOPIEC)
Priority Axis 4
  • Increasing energy efficiency and security of supply in the context of combating climate change.
Major Area of Intervention 1 (MAI 1)
  • Efficient and sustainable energy (improvement of the energy efficiency and the sustainable development of the energy system from an environmental point of view).
Operation A 
  • Supporting investments in installations and equipment for industrial enterprises, which will lead to energy savings, in order to improve energy efficiency.



Name, address and contact point:
  • SC SORTILEMN SA commercial company, Gherla city, Clujului street no. 7, Cluj County, postal code 405300, Romania
  • Contact point: Gherla city, Clujului street no. 7, Cluj county, postal code 405300, Romania.
    Phone: 004.0264.241.717, fax: 004.0264.243.148.
  • Person to contact: Mr. Marius Caprar, Mrs. Lazar Alina
    Internet address:
Type of contracting authority and main activity:  Commercial company based on shares with private capital. Main activity: Furniture manufacturing



The project: The “High-Efficiency Biomass Cogeneration Plant” (HEBCP) project consists in the installation and commissioning of a boiler with thermal oil based on biomass and an ORC (organic Rankine Cycle) turbogenerator together with all the additional services and equipment necessary for automatic operation, in order to simultaneously produce heat (respectively 5,400 KW hot water at 95/75 degrees C and 1,200 KW superheated water at 150/125 degrees C) and electricity.

The project requires the purchase, installation, testing and commissioning of some air reactors (for hot water 95/75 gr C) with a heat removal capacity of 3.5 MW (+/-200KW)

Name of the contracts, short description and technical specifications required for preparing the offer: Within this procurement procedure, the following is pursued:

Purchase of air coolers (for hot water 95/75 degrees C):

• Air coolers must have a heat removal capacity of 3.5MW (=/-200 KW) from hot water of 95/75 degrees C

Type of contract: Purchase of related goods and services
CPV Code: 42511100-2
Location of equipment delivery and installation SC SORTILEMN SA, Gherla city, Clujului street no. 7, Cluj County, Code 405300, Romania.

Phone: 0264-241717; fax: 0264-243148/992

Contract duration: Completion Chart:

  • Delivery of technological equipment: January 2012
  • Completion of assembly: February 2012
  • Warranty period: 12 months from commissioning




Type of procedure: Limited request for offers.

The purchase is made under the conditions of the specific procedure in the Financing Contract, established by internal rules, Annex 6 – Purchase instructions for private economic operator beneficiaries of the Sectoral Operational Program “Increasing Economic Competitiveness” published at

  • Financing contract for private operators – model.

The document that reproduces this specific procedure is the financing contract between the Management Authority (for the Sectoral Operational Program Increasing Economic Competitiveness) and the private entities whose projects have been selected to be co-financed from European structural funds.

Specific details can be found at the following URL: , Financing contract for private operators (page 7, paragraph d) “Purchases” and page 42 “Annex 6 – Internal Procurement Rules”)

This procedure does not come under the incidence of national and/or community legislation on public procurement and was developed to guarantee a competitive environment in the process of awarding procurement contracts co-financed from these funds.

This procedure is mandatory for the beneficiaries of POS CCE who do not fall under the provisions of GEO 34/2006 with subsequent amendments and additions.

Attribution criteria: In order to evaluate the offers, the following methodology will be used:

  • The lowest updated cost of heat removal, during 20 years – 80%
  • Experience in similar contracts – 20%
The deadline for submitting offers  

November 8th, 2011, 12:00 p.m., SC SORTILEMN SA headquarters

The language or languages ​​in which the offer or request for participation can be written: Romanian and English
The minimum period during for which the bidder had to maintain his offer: The period of validity of the offer will be 90 days from the deadline for submission of offers, established by the Buyer.
The method of providing the award documentation: Electronic mail or paper support



The contract is part of a project/program financed from community funds: Yes
The execution of the contract is subject to other special conditions: Yes, respectively to the specific legislation governing the use of European structural funds ( )
Information regarding the framework of general regulations: European funds legislation:

Fiscal legislation:

Legislation in the field of environmental protection:

Labor protection and working conditions:

Competent body for mediation procedures: In accordance with the Romanian legislation
The main methods of financing and payment and/or referral to the relevant provisions: Financing is provided from the following sources:

  • European Structural Funds,
  • Energy Efficiency Fund,
  • Commercial Credit,
  • Own Sources.
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