Press release – Project implementation status – September 2018 – “Implementation of a monitoring system for energy consumption (electricity, heat, compressed air)” at the level of SC Sortilemn SA




Implementing an energy consumption monitoring system (energy electricity, thermal energy, compressed air) at the SC Sortilemn SA level

Reference number: SMIS 2014+ 105740

The project entitled “Implementation of a consumption monitoring system energy (electricity, thermal energy, compressed air) at the SC Sortilemn level SA” is being implemented.

Since the last update and upwards to the current date, the following activities have been achieved:

– Completion of the design part and technical assistance

– Machining the electrical panels

– Supply and installation of measuring elements:

  • electrical energy equipment
  • thermal energy equipment
  • compressed air equipment

– Data network provision and dispatch configuration

The project is in the implementation period continuing with the completion of the  interconnections of the electrical network, graphic interface configuration, testing, user training and delivery of final technical documentation

The project is co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund through the Program Large Infrastructure Operational.

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